Thursday, August 9, 2018

Growing in Unity 2018 - Day 4

Good Morning

This is my Day 4 Post for the Unity Stamp Company 

What is the most interesting thing you have stamped on?

Blog hopping and Pinterest viewing I saw some 
beautiful stamping on square tiles to use as coasters.

Of course I wanted to try.  
  I was looking for some natural tile pieces but all 
I could find at our big box stores were the standard glazed white tile.  

What I liked about the tile stamping was the monochrome colors with an abstract image.

Since I struck out with the tile I figured I could use that inspiration on a card.

I went with the Moments in Bloom set 

I felt the shape of the card still needed to be square to work with the tile inspiration.
I also decided that I wanted a little smaller card that I could use with a gift.
This card is 4" square.

I chose stamp the ledger background image with gold to add a little contrast.
I then stamped the flower in black over the top of the ledger image.  I also embossed the flower.

I felt it needed a little pop so I added this cool pattern frame.

On my adventure through the hardware store I found vinyl floor samples.
I thought I'd give stamping on these a try.  
The vinyl flooring could be a good coaster too.
I also liked the color of the light wood for my future kitchen remodel.

I used my alcohol ink to stamp the image in black.
t is a little tricky not to move the image during the stamping.
What is cool is that when I did not like the image I just clean 
them up with some rubbing alcohol and stamped again.  

I'm going to seal the stamping with a clear coat 
to prevent the image from coming off.

This was my inspiration piece

DIY stamped tile coasters

I'm not giving up on the tile pieces.
I think they would make fabulous Christmas gifts.

Remember there is two prized to be won. 
Leave a comment on each of my 2018 GIU post.
I will select a couple lucky winners at the end of the week. 
I will post the lucky winners to the blog next week.
You don't have to comment every day but it does increase your odds.

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  1. I love this stamp (I have it, too!). I've not stamped on anything other than paper and canvas. But I did buy some tiles, both the white and recently (at Home Depot) some brown textured ones. I need the right ink, though. I think I've read it should be Staz-on, which I don't have. I'd like to do the brown ones with white ink. I think that would be pretty; or gold. Never thought about the vinyl floor samples - have to look into that next shopping trip! lol

  2. So pretty. A wonderful stamp. Love how you used it.

  3. Love this idea, I have tons of tiles, love that stamp too! ❤️

  4. This is a great idea! My big stamping outside the box was a candle. It seemed harder than it was. I have as gifts to others at Christmas and they seemed impressed:) Pam Foy

  5. Hmmmm...the most interesting thing I've stamped on is probably tissue paper to melt onto candles for gifts. But mostly paper. Love this monochromatic look. It's a lovely design.

  6. Love the over stamping, creates your own pattern paper.

  7. This is fabulous! I'll have to give it a try.

  8. Nice look. I like to learn new ways to use my stamps. I never would have thought to put these together. NICE

  9. Loving the layered look of your stamps. They look great together.

  10. I have stamped on white shiny tiles but have not found a sealant that is permanent. Do you have one that works? I love your card and stamp. The gold ledger with the flower is really unique and fun. I love your idea of making tiles with this stamp. They will be great gifts!

    1. I'm not sure what sealant is best but I am going to try using fixatif from Krylon.

  11. Beautiful card!! And those tiles turned out so cool!! Tiles are something Ive wanted to try to stamp on. Maybe one day. Ive stamped on many things but I think the most interesting would have been glass. Its tricky as the stamp likes to slide but if patient, you can get a good image. Ive also embossed the stamped image on glass which just adds to the trickiness. Cause the embossing powder likes to stick everywhere.

  12. I oncw tried stamping on beach glass, which was fun. Your card is lovely and good luck with the tile hunt

  13. Those are cool and great stamps to work with. I stamped last year on tile and also on glass (then heat embossed it). I tried it again later and it didn't turn out as well, so maybe it was beginners luck, lol.

  14. These are lovely! I like the idea of stamping on tile but haven't decided what I would do with it... maybe coasters.

  15. Lots of good ideas here! I have used the ledger image to write the info on the back of my ATCs.

  16. Love these! I have stamped on natural tile. Found them at Home Depo or Lowe’s and the we’re quite inexpensive too 💕 . My daughter and I made coasters for gifts.

  17. Beautiful. I like the ledger background.

  18. These are so pretty!
    I have stamped on tiles before and on t-shirts.

  19. Floor tiles? What a fabulous idea - you are clever, Jo x

  20. I love your card! My hubby bought so.e travertine tiles for me a while back. I need to pull them out and do something with them!
    --Phaline Mays

  21. So super clever. I had to look again to see the tiles - thought all your projects were cards. Imagine that - another use for Unity Stamps!