Sunday, September 20, 2015

Magazine Monday's Week - 117

Hello there friends.  

Summer is still with us in California...   

It is 97 today and tomorrow will be 100.  Yuck..

I guess it is good to be inside crafting. 

I have been spending some time playing with stencils and some of  Radiant Gels.  

I had picked up a couple of colors and was so intrigued I had had to get more. 

For today's project I used this weeks Paper Crafter's Corner weekly challenge photo.   

Papercrafting Challenge: Magazine Mondays - Week 117 Inspiration Pieces (image)

I really like the magazine to the left.  Wonderful colors with the blues, yellows and greens.  
I also like how the photo is framed with that red border.

I first gave some watercolor paper a little spritz with raidant rains.  

I then stenciled the butter fly using 4 different color gels.  
Copper for the body.  Yellow, Green and Blue for the wings.  

After the gel dried I cut it down to size.  
 Silly me cut too much.  
But in the end I like that the butterfly image is coming off the page.   
I thought just a red border was going to be too much. 
 So I added a small blue border.  

I added this sentiment because I like that it is clean square letters.

Thanks for stopping by....