Thursday, April 6, 2017

Growing in Unity Day 4

Good morning and 
 Happy Friday Eve.  

My week as a GIU gal is winding down. 
But we still have today and tomorrow together.

The projects I have for today are more Mother's day cards.  

Its been more than 10 years since my mom passed away.
In the years following her death, it was hard to even think about making Mother's day cards.
My hubby was great.  He would go to the store and purchase cards for his mom 
and both of our grandmothers sign our names and send them out.  

But as time went by I found it easier to create cards for this occasion. 

Since my mom is not longer with us, I make sure that I put some extra love for the
card I create for my Grandmother who is going to be 91 years old this year. 
We are blessed to still have her.  

In the last couple years I have included my sisters and sister-in-laws in the Mother's day mail.
I  sort of feel that I am passing around my mother's love.  

Now I make at lest 6 cards for occasion.

For today's project I am using the flower from the 


I don't own this kit but receive the stamp in a grab bag.  

Oh, do I love this flower.  

I first stamped the flower and embossed it with the Aged Taupe Enamel.

Let me be honest.  I tried the aged silver first but did not like the effect.

I then colored the flower with orange and red alcohol markers 
And used various greens to color the leaves

This color scheme was chosen because my grandmother loves red.  

I then created the background and repeated my stamping and coloring process.  

I find that I create a lot of backgrounds because 
I can't find paper that I have envisioned for the project in my stash. 

Since my sample (practice piece) turned out so well I decided to 
use it to layer the flower and leaves.  

I couldn't help myself.  
I stamped and colored it again.

This flower has become one of my favorite images.  
Now I am thinking about purple flowers.  

And I am pretty proud of myself.... Mother's day cards done a month before.  

That is sort of one of my crafting goals this year.  
Not waiting until the last minute.

Thank you for stopping it.

Please be sure to visit Samantha at Sammibug's Scrapshack
for more inspiration.

We are both giving away a couple grab bags of stamps.

Comment each day to increase your chances.

And don't forget to stop in at the Unity store.  
It is Thursday and there will be an awesome new sale going on.

See you tomorrow.



  1. Love this background. How did you create it? Did I overlook it in your description?

    1. Thank you Suzi. You did not miss anything, I did not give the details on the background. I have a large french script stamps that I stamped on white paper. then I distressed the paper using Antique Linen . I stenciled it some of the dots in red using distress ink.

  2. I love that you create your own backgrounds...I wish I was better at that. And so glad you've found a way to channel your love of your Mom into your crafts so you can spread the love around. Such a beautiful gesture. She is very proud, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing. And happy early mother's day to you!

  3. These are really beautiful cards. I lost my mother four years ago, so I didn't have anyone to send Mother's Day cards to, but I have a new daughter-in-law this year along with with a new granddaughter, so I will be doing a card for her. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Very pretty! I really want this smak kit. Love your card!

  5. Both are lovely, Teresa. I'm sure your grandmother will treasure this!

  6. Sure... Make me cry. I miss her so much. Grandma is going to love her card. Its beautiful!

  7. Teresa, thanks for sharing about your journey with making mother's day cards. I lost my father 3 years ago and I was thinking some of the same things about making father's day cards. I am glad that you made these beautiful cards and have shared them with us. I will have to look out for the taupe aged enamel embossing powder!!!

  8. Your cards are truly stunning. Love the taupe embossing-it's perfect. My Mom has been gone for 40 years-your post touched my heart.

  9. Love the flowers and the butterflies in this Never Lose Sight kit! Beautiful cards! Love the added dimension on the first card and the pretty background! Lovely flower! Pretty layering and texture on the second card!

  10. Oh my! These cards are gorgeous! Everything about them is just perfect! :)

  11. These are both just lovely! I'm a sucker for any type of a script on a card; I just love it!!

  12. Your card is STUNNING! Thank you for sharing this and the personal story about your mom. I love that you have gotten to a place where you can share the love with your grandmother and other family members like this. :)

  13. so unique I have to do more creative layering looks love this card and your story behind it

  14. Such beautiful cards, I'm so sorry for your loss.

  15. Beautiful work. It is very important to spread positive messages and appreciate those who are still with us. I spend far more time with my mom now that my dad has passed than I did when they were together. Nothing replaces the hole in your heart, but finding ways to celebrate their lives makes each day a bit smoother. Sending you Hugs and happy thoughts. Cards are good therapy.

  16. My goodness, it's been about 10 years for me too :( We have no grandmas in our families, so I always feel a little sad when I see Mother's Day stamps/projects. I LOVE your idea of including other moms, I think I'll make some Mother's Day cards for my sisters this year :) Thanks for your inspiring project and kind words <3

  17. This is so beautiful! I love the flower! I like the background too! Well done!

  18. Lovely! You have inspired me to slow down and create one card at a time. I mass produce and could never match your results. This card is a beauty!

  19. the first one is my not get smak kit...yet!!!