Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tim's 12 tags of 2012

After months of viewing the beautiful tags on Tim Holtz's site I decided to jump in and try one myself. 
 I just adore Tim Holtz and his style.  His designs push my out of my comfort zone.  
I usually lean towards clean straight lines.  
This month Tim showcased a tag using metal foil tape and alcohol inks.  
I have never been successful with my alcohol inks in the past so I have only purchased a few colors.   
I  also do not own any of the metal foil tape so I had to get creative.  

I used 3 layers of aluminum foil and glued them to the tag creating different layers and designs.  I choose 3 layers of foil so that I would have a thick layer to be able to add the indentations to the tag.  I then followed Tim's direction by using a retractable ink pin to make interesting indentations/marks into the foil.  
I then blended the alcohol inks onto the foil.
Guess what???  I think I was sucessful with my inks.  Yay!!

I then stamped on some numbers and added some paper and embellishments.  
I also used some of the new Stampendous Purple fragments to add some more dimention to the tag.

So for my first attempt in making a tag from Tim's 12 Tags of 2012 turned out great.  
Now I need add a roll of the metal foil tape to my collection.  

Thanks for checking in.


  1. Wow! i love your tag! i love how you went out of the box and used different colors! and all the colors look so nicely together! Great Great Job!!

  2. Your tag is just awesome!! I love that you improvised with the foil. What a great idea!! I think you got the spirit of what Tim's creations are all about--taking his ideas and making them your own. Well done! =D

  3. Very pretty tag. I love the almost patina look that your background has! <3 Candy

  4. I am a huge green and blue fan so I love this. Well done with the improvisation!

  5. This is a great tag and your background really stands out. Great job improvising!

  6. I was attracked to your tag in the thumbnails because of your background colours. I also like how the imagery is related to each other. Nice!